Wednesday, October 28, 2009

College of Nursing hosts Indonesian visitors

The College of Nursing hosted a group of nurses from Indonesia yesterday as part of their visit to the United States. The trip was arranged through the Indonesian embassy and the Association of Indonesian Nurses Education Centers in Jakarta, the capital city. The association has an annual study visit to the education and service institutions in the developed countries.

The 46 nurses represented several institutions in Indonesia as well as some prospective master and doctoral students. Among the visitors was an alumnus, Mohammed Subu, a 2002 graduate of the Master of Science in Nursing program in nursing education. The group’s goals were to observe the learning facilities for nursing students, and investigate the programs at the University, the education management system and the collaboration between education institution and hospitals. They enjoyed an overview of the College’s history and programs and tours of the state-of-the-art Driscoll Hall with its clinical simulation labs, as well as the University library and later a clinic run by the College faculty for the underserved populations in South Philadelphia.

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