Friday, March 4, 2016

The Delaplaine McDaniel Elementary School

By Meghan Long VU CON '16
As seen in the spring 2016 issue of SNAPshots, The Newletter of the Villanova Chapter of the Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania

Author Meghan Long (right) at  McDaniel School.
If there was one word to describe Villanova’s chapter of the Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP), it would be opportunity; one that allows nursing students to make life-long friendships in service to others and grow into successful leaders.  

I believe that Villanova’s semester trips to the Delaplaine McDaniel Elementary School exemplify SNAP-Villanova’s opportunity for success.  The children attending this school reside in South Philadelphia, one of the financially poorest sections of the city.  With many families living below the poverty level, the children attending the McDaniel School have limited access to healthcare and active lifestyles.  

Villanova Nursing students await the children they will screen. 
Every year through special projects, SNAP-Villanovans perform eye screenings for hundreds of children, kindergarten through eighth grade.  The Villanova nurses identify the children who do not pass the eye exam and may need vision correction to be successful in school.  Through this
experience, SNAP-Villanovans create friendships in service to the children in this community.  Leadership development is also seen in this trip, through Villanovans who lead their fellow members through eye screenings and work with school nurse Nurse Rodney Abary.  Nurse Abary exemplifies the values of advocacy, independence and compassion for all the students at the McDaniel School.

As we end another semester trip at the McDaniel School, we SNAP-Villanovans remember that service, friendship and leadership together create the special opportunity for success in the student nurses association.


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