Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cards for wounded troops project

SNAP's President Megan Copel has confirmed SNAP's interest in sending hand made cards to wounded/ill troops transported to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center(LRMC) in Germany. LRMC is the largest American military hospital outside the USA and the hospital where ill and wounded troops are transported from such "down range" locations as Afghanistan and Iraq.

My husband and I will be returning to LRMC for the third time. He again will be a civilian volunteer Vascular Surgeon with the Combat Casualty Program, and I will be a civilian volunteer with the Chaplains' Wounded Warrior Ministries (WWM). I am glad to bring the cards with me, as I did last summer. The cards were distributed to the wounded/ill troops through the WWM and were very much appreciated.

Please consider writing a card. A card can be as simple as a folded colored or white paper with some non-political good wishes. Envelopes should NOT be used, as for security reasons, cards are opened. The wounded and ill troops are male and female, American and coalition (Britain, Canada, Australia, Romania, Poland, etc.), so cards might be given to troops from the other countries; everyone is grateful. Troops come from various services within the military and come from all religious and other backgrounds.

Materials for making cards (paper, markers, pens, etc.) will be available at the SNAP meeting, Tuesday, July 12. People who cannot come to the meeting but would like to contribute a card or cards can bring them by July 12 to Ms. Susan Leighton who has been most gracious in offering a box for the cards to be collected. Her office is on the third floor of Driscoll Hall. Ms. Leighton herself has been recognized for her work with troops.

Wishing everyone a good summer,

Carol Toussie Weingarten, PhD, RN, ANEF

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