Friday, March 11, 2011

Where nursing and engineering converge

Hemodialysis is just one of numerous examples of the nursing and engineering professions converging—even on Villanova’s campus. While Noelle Comolli, PhD, an assistant professor of Chemical Engineering in the College of Engineering was preparing for a freshman class project on the artificial kidney, she contacted the College of Nursing in search of a clinical expert. Answering the call was Tamara Kear, PhD, RN, CNN, assistant professor, who was then completing her doctoral dissertation at Villanova. Dr. Kear has over 15 years of clinical practice in hemodialysis with a variety of publications on the subject. She lectured to two engineering classes on renal failure and the clinical aspects of hemodialysis to aid in their understanding of the end-user experience. Theory met design in the burgeoning engineers’ projects. On March 11, the students presented their posters outlining their design of artificial kidney. In this photo, Dr. Kear is seen with two students from her lecture and their poster.

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