Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blood drive sponsored by the College of Nursing's Undergraduate Nursing Senate

Recycle yourself! Give blood.
Tuesday, September 29
10am to 4pm
Dougherty Hall-West Lounge
Appointments preferred (sign up at and enter sponsor #2031)

For 25 years, the Undergraduate Nursing Senate has been sponsoring blood drives on campus with the American Red Cross. That's a lot of lives saved by the Villanova community.

What happens to your blood? Blood may be used for whole blood tranfusions or it is separated into its components including red blood cells, plasma, platelets, and cryoprecipatitated AHF (antihemophilic factor). Each component can be transfused to different individuals with different needs. Therefore, each donation can be used to help save as many as three lives.

Who are you helping? Premature infants in NICUs, babies having open heart surgery, people with hemophilia, and trauma, cancer and burn patients among countless others.

You can help three people and give hope to their families and friends by being there September 29th!

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